Thai Chamber of Commerce cooperates with Gogolook to strengthen trust in digital economy

  • Whoscall Verified Business Number aims to build trust, credibility and improve relations between businesses and their customers .
  • More than 60% of the public choose to ignore or decline unfamiliar calls

Bangkok, Thailand – 24 June 2024: Gogolook, the leading TrustTech provider and developer of the Whoscall application, is working with the Thai Chamber of Commerce to enhance communication credibility, improve customer relations, and promote a safer, more trustworthy business environment in Thailand. Whoscall, the leading unknown caller identification and smartphone scam prevention app, is launching Whoscall Verified Business Number to allow brands and organizations to register and verify their number, making it easier for the public to identify trusted numbers. Registering and verifying their phone numbers with Whoscall Verified Business Number service enables businesses to protect their brand images as call receivers are more easily able to identify the origin of the call. For Android users, the Whoscall Verified Business Number feature provides call receivers with the caller’s name, their image or logo, any slogans and the purpose of the call. This not only empowers their business calls with positive brand image and identity, it also improves business call efficiency as less calls are ignored and increases transparency while building trust with their business partners and customers.

“Receiving calls from unknown numbers has become increasingly risky in today’s environment where scams are common, and many people simply choose to not answer their phone. This leaves businesses at risk, especially those who rely on the digital economy, as it may result in a lost sale of unfulfilled delivery. Calling with verified numbers builds trust between businesses and their customers, which is crucial for improving communication effectiveness and customer satisfaction,” said Amornthep Taveephanich, Executive Director of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Trade of Thailand.

“We are delighted to have the support of the Thai Chamber of Commerce for this initiative, as we are united in our aim of promoting a safer business environment by reducing the risk of spam and scam calls, contributing to a more secure digital ecosystem for businesses and consumers alike. We are pleased to offer members of the Thai Chamber of Commerce exclusive benefits, and this is an illustration of the direct value our partnership has to its members and we encourage more businesses and organizations to contact us and take advantage of this service,” added Mr. Manwoo Joo, Chief Operation Officer of Gogolook, Whoscall app provider.

Currently more than 60% of the public chose to ignore or decline unfamiliar calls, meaning businesses may be missing out on opportunities to speak directly to their customers. By identifying the difference between spam, businesses and personal calls, Whoscall Verified Business Number service supports the growth and digital transformation of Thai businesses by providing them with a tool to establish their credibility and stand out in a competitive market. Whoscall Verified Business Number is used by a wide range of businesses including leading banks, insurance companies, logistics companies and many more.

The introduction of the service comes at a time when public awareness of Digital Safety and Security Awareness is increasing, and further underlines the need to continue raising awareness about the importance of digital safety and security, showcasing the proactive steps being taken to educate the business community and the public.

Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Trade of Thailand members who sign up to use the Whoscall Verified Business Number service will benefit from a reduced service subscription fee from 280 THB to 250 THB per month, showcasing Gogolook’s commitment to supporting Thai businesses. For more information about Whoscall Verified Business Number, please visit


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